Vision and Mission


Producing leading graduates of Law Master Program who highly uphold human values.


     1.     Producing widely known study program which has excellence, reliability, and trustworthy through:


a.   Producing graduates who are devout to God, who have spirit of Pancasila and who have integrity of morality, personality, and law science.


b.    Producing graduates who are open-minded, responsive to the change and the development od science and technology, and legal problems in the community which relate to the field of science/profession.


1.      Having capacity to develop science of law

2.      Having capacity to formulate appropriate approaches to solve legal problems in the society using      scientific reasoning

3.      Having capacity to perform community service in order to develop law science through research

4.      Mastering basic science of law in order to continue for further education


1.   Producing graduates who are able to develop conception on law of constitution/admisnistration/criminal court system in the broader spectrum (inter-disciplines)

2.  Producing graduates who are able to formulate various alternative approaches to solve legal problems (in term of constitution/administration/criminal court system) in the society

3.   Producing graduates who are able to develop law science in term of institution/administration/criminal court system in conceptual and empirical stages

4.  Producing graduates who are able to increase performing community service in the bureaucracy environment (government), company, court and another institution of law enforcements in order to develop/implement law science (in term of constitution/adminstration/criminal court system) obtained through Master Program Education for jobs and profession

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